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Prospective Marriage (subclass 300)

This visa allows an individual to marry their prospective spouse and subsequently to apply for a partner visa.

This is one of many family and partner visas, therefore, it is important to check eligibility and ensure you have all the relevant information before applying.

With many differing evidential documents required for different visas, utilising Alliance Legal & Immigration Services will give you peace of mind. We have knowledge and a deep understanding that will keep you on the right track.

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Student Visas

There are many reasons why overseas students want to study in Australia. For one, Australia has a world-class education system with internationally recognised degrees. Australia offer a great environment to study with wonderous natural beauty and welcoming people.

Alongside all the excitement about studying in Australia , there are also very important matters to consider:

1. Admission course criteria

Simply what are the course entrance requirements. The entrance requirements differ for each course and institution. This will influence your visa application.

2. Financial considerations

Your finances need to be considered when moving and studying in Australia. In addition to your tuition fees, you need to take into account costs such as flights, accommodation, food and general living expenses.

For some information, visit or

3. Cultural and Language considerations

Having English-proficiency is crucial for studying in Australia and there are many English learning programs available to assist you.

Importantly, there may be some cultural differences that you experience for the initial period in Australia. Being able to communicate in English will help you understand these cultural differences.

Student Visa (subclass 500)

This visa allows you to participate in a course of study in Australia.

You can apply for this visa in or outside of Australia and remain in Australia for the whole of your course with you family members permitted to move with you.

The official government guidelines for this visa are found here.

If you have questions or want reliable guidance throughout the visa application process, contact us today.

Commercial Dispute Resolution

We provide commercial dispute resolution services to that offer better solutions to our Clients. This
brings the benefits of certainty, reduced costs and personal stress of traditional Court litigation.
However should Court litigation becomes unavoidable, we protect our Clients’ interests and provide
them with options to enable them to decide which option is best for them.
Ours areas of Commercial dispute resolution practice include:

Contract / Insurance / Superannuation disputes
Property disputes
Leases and licence disputes
Breaches of Corporations Law and Directors duties
Partnership and Joint Venture disputes

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