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Property Transactions and Finance

Buying a property to live in or to rent out, or selling a property are important decisions that require careful consideration by our Clients of many factors. We assist them not only understand the process involved but the wider implications to their financial security and lifestyle. We make sure that our Clients know their rights and obligations in relation to their Agent, Bank and Seller/Buyer.

Our team has many years experience in assisting our Clients complete their property transaction matters as stress free as possible. There are many things to organise and unexpected events are more common than should be the case. We do our utmost to help you plan and do whatever we can to minimise the risks involved in our property transaction.

We provide the following services:


Commercial Dispute Resolution

We provide commercial dispute resolution services to that offer better solutions to our Clients. This
brings the benefits of certainty, reduced costs and personal stress of traditional Court litigation.
However should Court litigation becomes unavoidable, we protect our Clients’ interests and provide
them with options to enable them to decide which option is best for them.
Ours areas of Commercial dispute resolution practice include:

Contract / Insurance / Superannuation disputes
Property disputes
Leases and licence disputes
Breaches of Corporations Law and Directors duties
Partnership and Joint Venture disputes

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