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There are significant number of temporary visa holders in Tasmania that have lost their jobs and are experiencing hardship due to the restrictions in place to protect Tasmanians.

In view of this, the Tasmanian government has recently announced the following assistance that will be made available to temporary visa holders:

1. Pandemic Isolation Assistance Grants will be made available for those who can demonstrate genuine financial hardship as a result of the coronavirus pandemic.

2. Emergency relief and assistance provided through partnered non-government organisations where required.

3. The Temporary Visa Holder Skilled Employee Assistance Program is specifically designed to assist skilled temporary visa holders to maintain a connection with their employers during COVID 19.

Eligible visa categories:

  • Student visas (Subclass 500)
  • Temporary graduates (Subclass 485)
  • Provisional Visa Holders (Subclass 489 and 491)
  • Temporary Skilled (Subclass 457 and 482)
  • Seasonal Worker and Pacific Labour Scheme Visas (Subclass 403,417, 462)
  • Bridging Visas (Subclass 010,020,030,050 and 051)
  • Humanitarian Visas (subclass 785 and 790)

Details of the assistance can be accessed through their website at





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