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Skills assessment is an integral part of a visa application process, in particular visa subclasses under the  general skilled migration and employer sponsored streams. As such, care has to be taken in the preparation and lodgement of any skills assessment application.

Vetassess recently came out with  tips for  skills assessment for Australian migration purposes.

  1. Selecting the right occupation

This can be considered the most difficult part of the process as applicant’s skills will be assessed against Australian standards in terms of applicant’s qualification and work experience.

Applicants can address this by doing a self assessment by reviewing their resume to determine whether their previous and current position complement their proposed occupation.

2. Know your job category and how you fit into it

Applicant must be aware that what qualifications they have completed and the occupation  may not necessarily correspond to the Australian standard. The Australian and New Zealand Standard Classification of Occupations (ANZSCO)  can be the applicant’s reference to determine their current circumstance versus the Australian standard

3. Do not despair if you do not meet exact criteria for an occupation

Vetassess has over 350 occupations that applicants may explore in case their qualification and work experience may not match with their proposed occupation.

4. Qualification

As mentioned in the previous paragraph, Vetassess looks at candidate’s qualification and work experience. The applicant’s major field of study must not only relate to the proposed occupation but be assessed as highly relevant.

5. Primary employment role

The current and past employment experiences of the applicant should align or complement to the proposed nominated occupation.

6. Self employed applicants

The applicant must have evidence like documentation from government agencies, accountants, financial institutions, suppliers to demonstrate that the applicant’s position in the business will complement their nominated occupation.


Alliance legal and Immigration Services (ALAIS) can provide specific skills assessment advice in order to attain a positive skills assessment outcome.